201、on a cloud
On a cloud是很高兴的意思,高兴得走路轻飘飘的好像腾云驾雾一样。
例句 1 :I’ve been on a cloud all day long–I heard this morning that I got an A on my final biochemistry exam.
例句 2 :My wife has been on a cloud since I told her the other day I would spend my year-end bonus at the office to take us to Hawaii to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. And to tell you the truth, I’m really looking forward to it myself. (more…)

151、at the drop of a hat
At the drop of a hat的意思是:一有信号可以马上行动。它往往用来形容那些脾气很暴躁的人。
例句 1 :Tom Atkins is usually a good-hearted, friendly guy. But he has one problem–a hot temper. Say something he doesn’t agree with, and he’ll start a loud argument at the drop of a hat.
At the drop of a hat这个习惯用语不一定要用于争辩或打架的场合。它也可以解释为:在有必要的时候,某人可以立即行动。 (more…)

105、ants in your pants
Ants 就是蚂蚁, pants 就是裤子。蚂蚁钻进了裤子,你可以想象是个什么滋味了。你肯定坐不住了。 Ants in your pants 这个俗语的意思就是一个人很紧张,坐立不安。
例句 1 :The company financial report isn’t due until next Friday. But the boss has ants in his pants and wants us to have it all ready for him on Tuesday morning.
例句 2 :Say, what happened to the order for table seven? The guy’s been waiting for a half hour and he’s really getting ants in his pants for the cheeseburger and fries he ordered. (more…)

57、top gun
这个常用词汇在喷气式飞机诞生前很久就已经出现。那还是在美国开拓西部的时候,那些西部神枪手有时为了获得最佳枪手(top gun)的称号而互相残杀。现在,top gun这个习惯用语已经没有什么火药味了。
例句 1 :Read this book by Professor Winter — he’s a top gun in Shakespeare research.
例句 2 :Sorry, I don’t handle divorces myself, but if you really want to divorce your husband, I can give you the name of two of the top guns in New York when it comes to getting a good divorce settlement.
58、Bottom line
这个词汇是做生意的人开始用的。每个公司的会计在财政报告上都要把收入和开支加起来,然后得出一个最关键的数字,也就是这个公司究竟盈利多少,或亏损多少。这就是所谓的bottom line。现在,bottom line 这个词汇已经成为人们经常用的了,不仅商人,而且连政府官员和其他一般人都用。意思就是:某件事的结果是怎么样的。 (more…)

21、blow up
例句: The retreating German army tried to blow up all the bridges on the Rhine River to stop the the Allied troops from crossing into Germany.
例句:I really blow up when I learned that my girlfriend was going out with another man.
例句:I have to stop at the gas station to blow up my front tires.
例句: I’d like 8 by 10 blow ups of these negatives, please.
22、blow out
例句: My car smashed into a tree when I had a blow-out.
例句: You’d better blow out that candle before it sets fire to the tablecloth. (more…)

1、give me a hand 帮忙
2、foot the bill 付帐(bill:帐单)
3、例句:we arrived two hours late at the big blow-out for Charlie’s birthday because our car had a blow-out.
4、lock,stock and barrel 全部
例句:Mr. Rockefeller bought the whole oil company lock,stock and barrel.
5、hook,line ane sinker 全部,但含有受骗意味
例句:I warned Sally not to believe that man’s stories about how rich he was, but she swallowed them hook,line and sanker. After she married him, she found out that he owed everyone in his office money.
我提醒萨丽不要相信那个男人说的他是如何有钱,但是她仍然全盘接受。直到婚后,她才发现那个男人欠公司里每个人的钱。 (more…)