1、give me a hand 帮忙
2、foot the bill 付帐(bill:帐单)
3、例句:we arrived two hours late at the big blow-out for Charlie’s birthday because our car had a blow-out.
4、lock,stock and barrel 全部
例句:Mr. Rockefeller bought the whole oil company lock,stock and barrel.
5、hook,line ane sinker 全部,但含有受骗意味
例句:I warned Sally not to believe that man’s stories about how rich he was, but she swallowed them hook,line and sanker. After she married him, she found out that he owed everyone in his office money.
6、to eat one’s heart out 非常沉痛和绝望的悲痛
例句:Ever since grandmother died, grandfather has been eating his heart out–he’s lost all interest in life and won’t een get out of bed to eat.
7、to eat one’s hat 十分肯定自己说的是正确的,否则就吃掉自己的帽子,译成中文就是“若是……错了,我就不姓……”
例句:Michigan has a great football team this fall. If we don’t win the national championship, I’ll eat my hat.
8、come down with (俚语)感染;to be getting sick
例句:A: I don’t know what’s wrong! My head hurts and I feel so tired.
B: You could be coming down with a cold. You should go lie down.
9、read between the lines 体会言外之意,听出弦外之音
(DEFINE) to understand the true meaning of sth. by inferring from what has not been said openly
例句:A: I don’t catch the meaning of his speech. What did he mean?
B: If you read between the lines, you’ll get it.
10、greasy spoon 指那些有点象夫妻店那样的小饭店,品种不太多,碗筷也不怎么干净,装潢也不讲究,但是饭菜的味道不错,价钱也很公道。
greasy adj. 多脂的,油脂的,油污的
例句: ” Honey, let me take you out to dinner. But you know I don’t feel like dressing up to go some place fancy. How about just going down the street to the greasy spoon and getting hamburgers? ”
1) 一种聚会形式,即与会者每人带上一个菜或是饭后甜点或是饮料。如:
” potluck lunch ” or ” potluck supper”
例句:“Say, Charley, if you don’t have plan for tonight, why not come to our house and have a potluck with us? Helen won’t have time to cook anything special, but she can put an extra plate on the table for you.”
12、It goes in one ear and out the other.
例句: How many times have I told you to get to work on time. But my words just go in one ear and out the other. So I don’t have any choice but to fire you.
13、 play by ear
例句: I’m not sure if my wife wants me to go shopping with her on Sunday. If she decides to go with her sister instead, then I can play tennis with you. Let’s just play it by ear.
14、doggy bag 意指“打包”
该词源于以前美国人不好意思把在饭馆吃剩的饭菜带回家,怕丢面子,故而对服务员说:“ Waiter, could you please wrap up the rest of this steak for me? I’d like to take it home for my dog.” 现在,美国人对打包已经能够习以为常,doggy bag 这一词组却沿用下来。
例句: We had so much fool left over from dinner at the China garden last night that we took enough home in doggy bags to feed the whold family tonight.
sunny side up 只煎一面(蛋黄朝上)
over easy 煎两面
A: Miss, I’d like two fried eggs sunny side up and the sausage on the side.
B: Not me. I don’t like to see my eggs staring up at me with big yellow eyes.
Miss, two fried eggs, over easy and not gried too hard.
16、in hot water 指遇到非常麻烦的问题
例句: Joe is really in hot water now— his girlfriend just found out he’s seeing another woman.
17、to throw cold water on sth. 泼冷水
例句:Everybody else in the office thought my idea was great, but the boss threw cold water on it.
18、to hold water
例句1:That excuse simply doesn’t hold water.
例句2:The accused man claimed that he’d been in another city the night of the murder. But his story didn’t hold water after three different witnesses testified in court that they had seen him running from the scene of the crime.
19、water off a duck’s back
鸭子身上的毛像雨衣一样,水在上面呆不住,一下全滑掉了,因此 “water off the duck’s back”意思就是毫无用处。
例句1:I keep telling my friend it’s foolish to gamble all of his money, but it’s like water off a duck’s back.
例句2:The doctors tell us it’s dangerous to smoke, but such good advice rolls off some people like water off a duck’s back.
20、to make sb’s mouth water 让某人流口水
例句:The roast duck(烤鸭)the restautant serves is my favorishi dish. Every time I think about it, it makes my mouth water.

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